Gamer are hating him for using this hack for FIFA 17 UT

Do you also know the gamer on YouTube, Twitch and other streaming platforms, which got awesome player? KSI is an example. He got extremely nice player, legendary player and so on. But wait – actually he doesn’t play FUT that often anymore. Still he got a great team with which he can almost beat everyone. Coincidence? No! There have been some rumours around saying the only way to get a decent amount of coins is by wining the league, trading player or buying them – this is not true. To be clear: There are lots of opportunities to even get free coins and points on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.


Hack and cheat on FIFA 17 UT is impossible? Hell no!

You better listen, because what I will tell you will save you lots of money. Wondering why I talked about YouTube, Twitch and KSI in the beginning? Exactly! They know about something, a secret, which you don’t know about. It is one of the best hidden secret in the FUT gaming community – no one, no YouTube star, no professional FIFA gamer is talking about it, but everyone knows it! They know how they can get unlimited free FIFA 17 Coins and Points on their Console and PC. Today I will tell you about this secret.


For a long time gamer were told by some people that hacking FUT 17 is not possible. FIFA 17 coin generator were not working at all and FIFA 17 coins hacks were just scam. In the same moment this group of some people were generating themselves huge figures of coins and points. They don’t wanted anyone else to use the FIFA 17, no, they wanted the people to believe it is absolutely not working. This was the trick and the secret was born. At this time websites like were doing very good, because they just developed a full working FUT 17 Coin Generator which worked on every platform. Their only problem was: no gamer knew about it – and when they knew about it they thought it is just a scam. After some time people were recording their screen and started to upload videos of using the coins and points hack for FIFA 17 on Xginsider. Some videos went viral and Xginsider became more and more popular in a short time. Unluckily some people knew how to take advantage of the FIFA 17 Hack and they started to abuse the tool.

A group of greedy gamer started to create mass accounts on FUT and used an iMacro to send many requests over and over again to our Coins Hack. They generated many FIFA 17 Free Coins and Points on thousands of different accounts every second. Their strategy was to get free Coins and Points on many different accounts and then sell these accounts including coins and points to gamer. This worked for about one month, but then XGinsider started to use a human verification which prevented the abuse of the online generator. Since then everything works well, but some people have to solve a human verification. I think this is a fair solution. The people can still get items for free.



If you are interested in trying the cheats and hacks for FUT 17 you can visit and start to use their points and coins hack. It works for all Android and iOS devices, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS4 and PC. Have fun.

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